The diamonds journey

The diamond begins life in the depths of earth; naturally formed under precise conditions of extreme heat and pressure in carbon rich surroundings. A lot of diamonds exist hundreds of miles underground though the exact process of extracting them is irregular. This exact feature is what makes the diamond so rare and precious.

Every natural diamond was formed long before the famed dinosaurs roamed the earth. The youngest aged diamond is believed to be about 900 Million years and the oldest is estimated to be about 3.2 Billion years.

The diamond is used as a symbol of: Power, strength and/or beauty. At present, roughly about 80% of diamonds is found located in mines distributed around the world in Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Russia, Namibia, Australia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The laser technology has revolutionized the diamond industry, opening up diamond manufacture in ways originally thought impossible. Combined with water technology, laser has shortened the long and arduous diamond journey.

Diamond Mining

Diamonds are found in a variety of places: riverbeds, inactive volcano pipes, streams, seashores, onshore. Transported over time by natural processes such as: volcanic eruptions, erosion, and landslides. Diamonds can be found to naturally occur in some areas around the world although for commercial reasons, mining typically involves the digging of large pits. Commercial extraction of diamonds is an extremely expensive and highly mechanized operation.

Diamond sorting Majority of diamonds, by various estimations, over 90% is not of Gem quality. Since they are the hardest material known to man, diamonds are used in industrial applications such as: cutting, and drilling. Miners sort the gem into quality diamonds based on various features including: size, quality, shape, and color. Diamond classification is a highly skilled process; experts take years of exposure to gain this skill.

Technologies such as: use of the loupe, tenfold magnification lens, and advanced visualization tools are used in diamond sorting.


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Our core values

Our daily work is guided by our core values which make us give the best of the best services. As we do our work and maintain our relationship with our colleagues, esteem customers and suppliers we ensure that this core values are the main principals. They guide us and make us be termed as the best start up ever. Among many of our core values the Main ones include:


Respect of one ‘s opinion is our main core value. We share among us the best opinions and views in order to give quality work. We work as a team in order to meet our goals and mission. We ensure that every one’s view is converted to the best service ever. We excel photonic value most the view of all.

Fairness and honesty

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Creative and innovative

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Customer orientation

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Integrity and commitment

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Our vision

To be the world leader in providing high quality and technological products in the laser industry, with creativity and innovation for the benefit of the entire industry, from mine to customers.


  • Diamond’s journey.

Diamonds exist hundreds of miles down on the earth. A lot of work needs to be done before bringing the precious gems to the ground. Being the hardest and the most rear mineral, make this stone which forms at a very high temperatures and pressure, very precious stone. Being among the most precious stones great technology and quality machines need to be used.


  • Mining

Diamonds are gotten from volcanic streams and veins or river backs where they have been eroded. Many diamonds may be found on the ground but there needs a high advancement technology and capital in order to fully mine these precious mineral. This makes the mining activity very expensive. Care needs to be done in

order to get the perfect work and high profits when dealing with these precious stones.

  • Sorting

The precious mined gems are sorted depending with their sizes, colour and quality; this exercise needs very high quality magnification lens and it may take years to give a very accurate results. High technology and experience are needed to make the whole exercise successful. Diamond being the hardest material ever, they are applied in making drilling bits for cutting because most of them are not the gem quality.

  • Planning

Manufactures apply a very advanced technology, which is pioneered by us, excel photonics, to analyze the most profitable methods of fully utilizing the rough diamond. The whole excesses become very profitable and yields a very high returns of your investments. The planning process involves high skills and a lot of work which us been changed by the advanced technology we incorporate. Our solutions make it possible to get the best quality diamonds at a very easy work.

  • Cutting and polishing

The gate to processing includes sawing the rough diamond portion which is typically done by lesser with various levels of advancements, quasar being one of them. After the sawing is over, the diamond is shaped to different shapes either by use of a laser or hand or by lathing. It is then polished in order to give a quality diamond. The excel photonics has also incorporated modern technology in making the work very quality polishing by coming up with a software added in the control. We have also incorporated very advanced technology in order to reduce breakage of these stones since mostly during cutting and polishing great loss is encountered that will boost your profits very highly. Stop worrying about the breakage of your precious stones since these sawing machines ensures very low breakage of your precious stones.

Call it the highest technology and advancement compiled together to give you this easy to operate laser sawing machine. Moreover, the end result of this laser machine is a very smooth diamond since it combines both shaping and sawing. It is also in build control software to ensure that the bulky work is reduced greatly.

It has also us a very high productivity of 8 to 10 ctsl hr. for 1ct stone size making it very easy to saw many stones at a go at a reduced cost since we keep in mind that reduced productivity cost in order to give the highest profit ever.