EPG-250i Specs

Excel photonics manufactures laser cutting machines that: have low maintenance costs, high quality optics, and high precision with minimum weight loss. Our products offer hands-off installation as they come packaged with a fully enclosed laser unit.

Products The EPG-250i Laser Machine The EPG-250i is a superior quality, green laser technology diamond sawing and shaping system. It offers numerous benefits including: high efficiency, minimal costs of operation, and a fully enclosed laser head that ensures hand-off installation.

The EPG-250i is a value for money machine that yields a fast return on investment. It is designed with an advanced control software and incorporates a user friendly operating system. The EPG-250i delivers value by guaranteeing: low weight loss, minimal breakage, and smooth cutting surface, reduced risk of stone damage, large working area, high durability, low maintenance costs, and high quality optics.

The EPG-250i is a highly desirable machine for diamond sawing, bruiting and shaping, and micro machining.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal breakage
  • Low weight loss
  • Auto frequency
  • Smooth cutting surface achieved by application of green lase technology and high quality motion system
  • lklwa 16W CEO Northrop Grumman high power 532nm laser source
  • Reduces risk of stone damage
  • Large working area 170mm * 170mm
  • High durability and low maintenance costs
  • Ergonomic design
  • No thermal stress
  • High quality USA, German, and Japanese made optics

The IKLWA Laser

The TEMOO IKLWA features O-Switched rated output power up to 16 Watts at 532nm with a beam shape at focus of > 85% round – making it ideally suited for use in micromachining applications. The IKLWA was designed to offer an economical laser solution while providing the same CEO quality of the Patara series laser.

The IKLWA is packaged in a fully enclosed laser head housing for hands off installation and are powered by CEO manufactured laser modules.

Technical Specifications

Laser type: DPSS Nd: YAG (water cooled)

Power: 16 W
Output Energy: 1.8mJ
Wavelength (nm): 532 nm
Specified repetition rate: 9 kHz
Pulse width (FWHM): < 80 ns
Beam Diameter (Output window): < 0.9 mm
Beam Divergence: 1.7 mrad
Beam Quality (M2) : <1.3
Spatial Mode: TEMOO
Pulse-to-pulse stability: <1.5% arms
Output Stability (over 8 hours) : <3% arms
Polarization: Horizontal
Operating Temp (non-condensing): 18 — 30o centigrade